Activate your leadership through immersing yourself in challenging yet practical environment globally for a better future.


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Global Volunteer is a 6-8 weeks cross-cultural experience for youth who want to gain personal development and leave an impact on the world.

What is 

Global Volunteer?



Sawasdee Thailand 35 - English Teaching

Influence local children in Thailand, help them to understand the world through English teaching

Shape: The Future of Changemakers

Discover your unique self with local Romania youth by delivering workshops and culture exchange

Impact Lithuania through education of SDGs

Design interactive lessons and educate Lithuania youth about SDGs and ways to improve the world

Smart- Spreading the youth

Help the NGO in the outreach and administration, looking for new partnerships, producing promotion materials, and help in events

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As youth, we believe that if we are not the one to change the world and the society we live in, who will be the one to do that?